Mozilla Firefox tips

Below is a listing of various tips that can be used with Mozilla Firefox. Some of the below tips may list a date next to them for the month and year that they were featured in our monthly tip section. If you’re looking for more general Internet tips you may also wish to visit our Internet tips section.

2/2009 – Hide / Tweak the Firefox download window

Remove that pesky download window that appears after downloading a file by adding the Firefox Download Statusbar Add-on to your browser. Alternatively editing the about:config settings as shown below can also disable this window from being displayed.

  1. Open a new tab in Firefox.
  2. In the address bar type: about:config
  3. Locate by copying and pasting the bold text into the Filter box.
  4. Double-click the name or value to change the value from True to False. Once done close the tab.

If you’ve hidden your download Window it can still viewed by clicking Tools and then Downloads or pressing Ctrl + J.

11/2008 – Select only certain text in an HTML table

Quickly and easily highlight only certain rows, columns, or cells of an HTML table by holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click each cell individually, clicking and dragging the mouse up or down a column, or dragging a mouse left or right on a row. For example, if you wanted to select the data in the below second column of the HTML table hold down the CTRL key and while holding down the key click the “Example 2” cell and drag down to “Four”. Once selected press CTRL + C to copy the data and paste it elsewhere.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
One Three Five
Two Four Six.

5/2008 – Quickly bookmark a web page

Bookmark any web page form field and quickly access it from the browser address bar. Below is an example of how you could bookmark the Computer Hope search and quickly search for help anytime .

1. Right-click on the search box in the top left portion of this window.
2. Click “Add a keyword for this search”.
3. In the Add bookmark window, type any name or leave it blank and for the keyword make it something simple and easy to remember. For example, “CH” for “Computer Hope” and click Ok.

Now in your address bar you can type: “CH ” and then anything you need help with. For example typing: “CH motherbaord” would open the search results for motherboard.

4/2008 – Undo closed tab

Oops did you mistakenly close a tab you didn’t want to close? Press CTRL + Shift + T to undo a close tab. Pressing this more than once will undo multiple closed tabs.

8/2007 – Quickly bookmark a web page

Quickly bookmark any web page in all major browsers by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard. Pressing these two keys together will open the bookmarks or favorites for your browser and allow you to quickly place a bookmark for the page you’re currently at. For example, pressing the two keys now would bookmark this page.

5/2007 – Internet browser bookmarks

Sort your Internet browser favorites or bookmarks in alphabetical name order by following the below steps.

Firefox: Click Bookmarks and within bookmarks click your right mouse button and select Sort by Name.

4/2007 – Bookmark search engines

Bookmark almost any search engine and have the capability of using it anywhere by following the below simple steps.

  1. Right-click within the text box you wish to bookmark and click “Add a keyword for this Search..”
  2. Enter a name for the bookmark and then a keyword you wish to use. For example, if you were doing this in computer hope you could type “ch” as your keyword and then click Ok to create the bookmark.
  3. Once created in the URL bar type your keyword and what you wish to search for. For example, if you used “ch” as your keyword and wanted to search for Firefox you’d type: “ch firefox”.

2/2007 – Get to the address bar using your keyboard

Quickly get to the address bar in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox by pressing the F6 key on the top of your keyboard. Opera users can press the F8 key to get to the address bar.

8/2005 – Mozilla Firefox

Quickly save any media including embedded content to an alternate source by right-clicking on a page click “View Page Info”, click the Media tab, locate the media file you wish to save and click the Save As button.

4/2005 – Mozilla Firefox

Some quick tips for Mozilla Firefox users. First, quickly access the full configuration menu in Firefox by typing “about:config” in the address bar. In this window you can change a lot of different settings. Second, quickly open a new tab by pressing CTRL + T. Third, press and hold CTRL + # where # is 1 – 9 to switch between tabs in the open window. Finally, hold down CTRL while clicking a link to open that link in a tab or hold SHIFT while clicking a link to open that link in a new window.

2/2005 – Quickly scroll using the space bar

Quickly scroll one page at a time in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox by pressing the spacebar. Move backup a page at a time by pressing shift + spacebar.

1/2005 – Full screen Internet

Make your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox the full screen without all the toolbars by pressing the F11 key. To restore the window back to how it was press F11 again.

10/2004 – Mozilla Firefox

Open all your daily visited web pages in two clicks. First, create a folder in your bookmarks that contains the web pages you visit daily. Once created you can right-click that folder and click “Open in Tabs” to get all your favorites in the folder opened in a new tab in the current window.

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